Raw materials

We can offer for Your firm fresh cut or KD oak and ash boards. The thickness is possible any You wish. The main our thickness now that we work with is 25; 32; 40 and 50 mm for the oak and 25; 50 mm - for ash.


Our manufactured and sold ash boards are always well dried and ideal for companies which make stairs, doors, chairs and furniture. In stock we usually have boards of 25 and 50 (mm) thickness. We can also cut and kiln dry boards any thickness You need.


We cut and dry various quality types of oak boards. We sell unsorted timber (mix) or by classes.

"0" class - both board sides are without knots and defects. These boards are the most expensive, only small amount is produced.

"1" class - we look only one side, which can include one knot or one small defect in 3 meters of board lenght.

"2" class - one branch is allowed in one lenght meter.

"3" class - no limit for branches, large defects are reduced from the boards width. These boards are the cheapest.


We have this sort in furniture wood assortment. Furniture producers prefer these birch boards due to their perfect quality. Almost always we produce birch boards according to your order.


We take interesting and challenging projects. We cut different size oak brackets from 320mm wide, 320mm deep and 500mm high to 520x520x450 (mm). We also produce oak wood decking, fencing poles, garden gazebo, etc.